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Results for: Afghanistan
Rank Rank 2012 Image Name Title Category
225 Susan Rice Susan RiceNational Security Adviser Policy Afghanistan Intelligence Money Middle East
342 Chuck Hagel Chuck HagelSecretary of Defense Policy Money Afghanistan Intelligence Veterans Industry
416 John Kerry John KerrySecretary of State Policy Middle East Afghanistan Congress
54 John Brennan John BrennanDirector, Central Intelligence Agency Intelligence Policy Afghanistan Middle East Asia-Pacific
67 Martin DempseyArmy Gen. Martin DempseyChairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Afghanistan Policy Money Intelligence Middle East Army
85 Michael Vickers Michael VickersUndersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Intelligence Policy Afghanistan Special Ops Asia-Pacific Middle East
919 Keith AlexanderArmy Gen. Keith AlexanderCommander, US Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency Cyber Intelligence Afghanistan Asia-Pacific Middle East Army
106 William McRavenNavy Adm. William McRavenCommander, US Special Operations Command Special Ops Intelligence Afghanistan Policy Middle East Navy
1213 Congressional Big 8 Congressional Big 8 Congress Money Policy Afghanistan Veterans
199 Joseph DunfordMarine Gen. Joseph DunfordCommander, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan Policy Special Ops Intelligence Marines
2115 Mike Rogers, R-Mich.Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Congress Intelligence Policy Money Afghanistan Middle East
2211 James “Sandy” WinnefeldNavy Adm. James “Sandy” WinnefeldVice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Policy Money Afghanistan Industry Asia-Pacific Navy
2417 Mike FlynnArmy Lt. Gen. Mike FlynnDirector, Defense Intelligence Agency Intelligence Policy Afghanistan Special Ops Middle East Army
26 Hamid Karzai Hamid KarzaiPresident, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Afghanistan Policy Middle East
3011 Ray OdiernoArmy Gen. Ray OdiernoArmy Chief of Staff Army Policy Money Afghanistan Special Ops
3111 James AmosMarine Gen. James AmosMarine Corps Commandant Marines Policy Money Afghanistan Special Ops
3211 Mark WelshAir Force Gen. Mark WelshAir Force Chief of Staff Air Force Policy Money Afghanistan Intelligence
42 Philip BreedloveAir Force Gen. Philip BreedloveNATO Supreme Allied Commander Afghanistan Policy Air Force
7247 Lloyd AustinArmy Gen. Lloyd AustinCommander, US Central Command Middle East Policy Congress Afghanistan
8289 David RodriguezArmy Gen. David RodriguezCommander, US Africa Command Policy Afghanistan Special Ops Money
99 Paul SelvaAir Force Gen. Paul SelvaCommander, Air Mobility Command Air Force Afghanistan Asia-Pacific