Rank 2012   Name Title Category
1 Xi Jinping Xi JinpingPresident, People’s Republic of China Asia-Pacific Policy Money Cyber Intelligence Industry
225 Susan Rice Susan RiceNational Security Adviser Policy Afghanistan Intelligence Money Middle East
342 Chuck Hagel Chuck HagelSecretary of Defense Policy Money Afghanistan Intelligence Veterans Industry
416 John Kerry John KerrySecretary of State Policy Middle East Afghanistan Congress
54 John Brennan John BrennanDirector, Central Intelligence Agency Intelligence Policy Afghanistan Middle East Asia-Pacific
67 Martin DempseyArmy Gen. Martin DempseyChairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Afghanistan Policy Money Intelligence Middle East Army
7 Hassan Rouhani Hassan RouhaniPresident, Islamic Republic of Iran Middle East Policy Industry Intelligence Money
85 Michael Vickers Michael VickersUndersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Intelligence Policy Afghanistan Special Ops Asia-Pacific Middle East
919 Keith AlexanderArmy Gen. Keith AlexanderCommander, US Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency Cyber Intelligence Afghanistan Asia-Pacific Middle East Army
106 William McRavenNavy Adm. William McRavenCommander, US Special Operations Command Special Ops Intelligence Afghanistan Policy Middle East Navy
1118 Samuel LocklearNavy Adm. Samuel LocklearCommander, US Pacific Command Asia-Pacific Policy Money Intelligence Navy
1213 Congressional Big 8 Congressional Big 8 Congress Money Policy Afghanistan Veterans
1312 Robert Hale Robert HaleDoD comptroller Money Policy
1410 Andrew Marshall Andrew MarshallDirector, DoD Office of Net Assessment Policy Intelligence Opinion shapers Asia-Pacific
1514 Steve Kosiak Steve KosiakAssociate Director, Office of Management and Budget Money Policy Industry
1624 Mark Lippert Mark LippertDefense Secretary's Chief of Staff Policy Money Intelligence Asia-Pacific
17 Decision Drivers Decision Drivers Congress Money Policy Industry
1830 Frank Kendall Frank KendallDefense Undersecretary, Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Money Policy Industry
199 Joseph DunfordMarine Gen. Joseph DunfordCommander, International Security Assistance Force Afghanistan Policy Special Ops Intelligence Marines
2020 James Clapper James ClapperDirector of National Intelligence Intelligence Money Policy Cyber
2115 Mike Rogers, R-Mich.Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.Chairman, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Congress Intelligence Policy Money Afghanistan Middle East
2211 James “Sandy” WinnefeldNavy Adm. James “Sandy” WinnefeldVice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Policy Money Afghanistan Industry Asia-Pacific Navy
23 Christine Fox Christine FoxActing Deputy Defense Secretary Policy Money Industry
2417 Mike FlynnArmy Lt. Gen. Mike FlynnDirector, Defense Intelligence Agency Intelligence Policy Afghanistan Special Ops Middle East Army
25 Benjamin Netanyahu Benjamin NetanyahuPrime Minister, Israel Opinion shapers Middle East
26 Hamid Karzai Hamid KarzaiPresident, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Afghanistan Policy Middle East
27 Vladimir Putin Vladimir PutinPresident, Russia Policy Money Intelligence
28 Edward Snowden Edward SnowdenFormer NSA Contractor Opinion shapers Policy Cyber Intelligence
2911 Jonathan GreenertNavy Adm. Jonathan GreenertChief of Naval Operations Opinion shapers Navy Policy Money Asia-Pacific
3011 Ray OdiernoArmy Gen. Ray OdiernoArmy Chief of Staff Army Policy Money Afghanistan Special Ops
3111 James AmosMarine Gen. James AmosMarine Corps Commandant Marines Policy Money Afghanistan Special Ops
3211 Mark WelshAir Force Gen. Mark WelshAir Force Chief of Staff Air Force Policy Money Afghanistan Intelligence
3311 Frank GrassArmy Gen. Frank GrassChief, National Guard Bureau Policy Money Homeland Security Army Air Force
3435 Robert Work Robert WorkCEO, Center for a New American Security Opinion shapers Policy Navy Marines
35 Jamie Morin Jamie MorinAir Force Comptroller; nominee for Director, Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation Money Policy
36 Arab Leaders Arab Leaders Middle East Policy Money
37 Tea Party Caucus Tea Party Caucus Congress Money
3856 Bill Swanson Bill SwansonChairman & CEO, Raytheon Industry Policy Money
39 The Lobbyists The Lobbyists Congress Money Policy Industry Opinion shapers
4048/-- Christopher Bogdan/Lorraine MartinAir Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan/Lorraine MartinProgram executive officer, F-35 Joint Program Office; executive VP, general manager, Lockheed Martin F-35 program Air Force Money Industry
4173 The Oracles The Oracles Industry Policy Opinion shapers
42 Philip BreedloveAir Force Gen. Philip BreedloveNATO Supreme Allied Commander Afghanistan Policy Air Force
433 Hillary Clinton Hillary ClintonFormer Secretary of State Opinion shapers Policy
44 Mike RogersNavy Vice Adm. Mike RogersCommander, US Fleet Cyber Command Cyber Intelligence Navy
4572 Wes Bush Wes BushPresident & CEO, Northrop Grumman; Chairman, Aerospace Industries Association Industry Money Policy
46 Message Shapers Message Shapers Opinion shapers Policy
4751/-- James McNerney/Dennis Muilenburg James McNerney/Dennis MuilenburgChairman & CEO, Boeing; President & CEO, Boeing Defense, Space & Security Industry
48 Military Coalition Military Coalition Veterans Money Congress
49 John RichardsonNavy Adm. John RichardsonDirector, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program
5036 Sean Stackley Sean StackleyAssistant Navy Secretary, Research, Development & Acquisition Navy Money Industry
5170/23 Michèle Flournoy/Kurt Campbell Michèle Flournoy/Kurt CampbellCo-founders, Center for a New American Security Opinion shapers Policy
5259 Michael Bayer Michael BayerPresident & CEO, Dumbarton Strategies Opinion shapers Policy Industry
53 Samantha Power Samantha PowerUS Ambassador to the UN Policy Middle East Asia-Pacific
5457 Arnold Punaro Arnold PunaroCEO, Punaro Group Opinion shapers Policy Veterans
55 Robert Robert "Bobby" SteinChairman, Defense Business Board Policy Money Industry
5646 Robert PappCoast Guard Adm. Robert PappCoast Guard Commandant Coast Guard Homeland Security Policy
5743 John Hamre John HamrePresident & CEO, Center for Strategic and International Studies Opinion shapers Policy Industry
58 Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-unSupreme Leader, Democratic People's Republic of Korea Asia-Pacific Intelligence
5962 Michael Hayden Michael HaydenFormer Director, NSA and CIA Opinion shapers Cyber Intelligence Policy
6038 Mike Mullen Mike MullenFormer Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Policy Veterans
6165 Pierre Chao Pierre ChaoManaging Partner and Co-founder, Renaissance Strategic Advisors Industry Policy
6258 Service Secretaries Service Secretaries Policy Money Congress Navy Air Force Army
631 Thomas Donilon Thomas DonilonDistinguished Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations Opinion shapers Policy
6431 Ron O'Rourke/Eric Labs Ron O'Rourke/Eric LabsCongressional Naval Analysts Congress Policy Industry Navy
65 Michael Strianese Michael StrianeseChairman & CEO, L-3 Communications Industry Money Policy
668 Ashton Carter Ashton CarterFormer Deputy Defense Secretary Policy Industry Money Opinion shapers
6776 Wall Street Analysts, Bankers & Investors Wall Street Analysts, Bankers & Investors Industry Opinion shapers
68 Mike Petters/Fred Harris Mike Petters/Fred HarrisPresident & CEO, Huntington Ingalls Industries; President, General Dynamics NASSCO Industry Navy Congress
6941 Andrew Krepinevich Andrew KrepinevichPresident, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Opinion shapers Policy
7067 Marillyn Hewson Marillyn HewsonPresident & CEO, Lockheed Martin Industry
71100 David Petraeus David PetraeusFormer CIA Director Opinion shapers Policy Industry
7247 Lloyd AustinArmy Gen. Lloyd AustinCommander, US Central Command Middle East Policy Congress Afghanistan
7375 Gordon Adams Gordon AdamsDistinguished Fellow, Stimson Center Opinion shapers Money Policy
7477 Todd Harrison Todd HarrisonSenior Fellow, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments Opinion shapers Money Congress
7544 Richard Danzig Richard DanzigChairman, Center for a New American Security Opinion shapers
7671 Gordon Sullivan Gordon SullivanPresident & CEO, Association of the United States Army Army Policy Industry
7745 Rudy deLeon Rudy deLeonSenior VP, National Security & International Policy, Center for American Progress Opinion shapers Policy
7891 James Stavridis James StavridisDean, The Fletcher School at Tufts University; Chairman, US Naval Institute Coast Guard Navy Policy
7978 David Berteau David BerteauDirector, CSIS's National Security Program on Industry and Resources Opinion shapers Industry Policy
80 Asia-Pacific Leaders Asia-Pacific Leaders Asia-Pacific Policy Money
81 Unnamed Bomber Czar Unnamed Bomber Czar Industry Money Air Force
8289 David RodriguezArmy Gen. David RodriguezCommander, US Africa Command Policy Afghanistan Special Ops Money
82 Arati Prabhakar Arati PrabhakarDirector, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Industry Money
8461 Elon Musk Elon MuskCEO & CTO, SpaceX Industry Opinion shapers
8596 Barry Blechman Barry BlechmanCo-founder, Stimson Center Opinion shapers Money Policy
8682 Christopher Preble Christopher PrebleVP, Defense & Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute Opinion shapers Policy
8764 Sean O'Keefe Sean O'KeefeChairman & CEO, EADS North America Industry Policy Money
8880 Loren Thompson Loren ThompsonCOO, Lexington Institute; CEO, Source Associates Opinion shapers Industry
89 Scott Seymour Scott SeymourPresident & CEO, GenCorp Industry Opinion shapers
90 Fred Kempe Fred KempePresident & CEO, Atlantic Council Opinion shapers
91 Richard Aboulafia Richard AboulafiaVP for Analysis, Teal Group Industry Opinion shapers
9288 Frank Hoffman Frank HoffmanDirector, National Defense University Press Opinion shapers
93 The Conservatives The Conservatives Opinion shapers
9493 Phebe Novakovic Phebe NovakovicChairman & CEO, General Dynamics Industry
9592/-- Peter Singer/Michael O'Hanlon Peter Singer/Michael O'HanlonSenior Fellows, Brookings Institution Opinion shapers
9697 Larry Korb Larry KorbSenior Fellow, Center for American Progress Opinion shapers
9798 Mackenzie Eaglen Mackenzie EaglenSenior Fellow, Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies, American Enterprise Institute Opinion shapers
9863 Marion Blakey Marion BlakeyPresident & CEO, Aerospace Industries Association Industry
99 Paul SelvaAir Force Gen. Paul SelvaCommander, Air Mobility Command Air Force Afghanistan Asia-Pacific
100 Airpower Advocates Airpower Advocates Air Force Policy