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John Hamre

57 - John Hamre
2012 Rank: 43

President & CEO, Center for Strategic and International Studies
When you’re the chairman of the Defense Policy Board, the top advisory panel to the US defense secretary, you’ve got clout. Hamre is among the top heavyweights in Washington for his résumé — top Senate defense staffer, Pentagon comptroller and deputy defense secretary — and his intimate knowledge of money, policy and how to make government work. Hamre’s name is regularly mentioned whenever top slots become available, but he was committed to CSIS until the think tank completed its own headquarters on Rhode Island Avenue. Although the new digs are finished, Hamre shows no sign of doing anything but continue to expand his already formidable think tank’s punch. Other notable CSIS big thinkers include retired Marine Gen. James Cartwright and strategy guru Anthony Cordesman, Asia and Japan expert Michael Green, China and Korea expert Bonnie Glaser and Taiwan hand Randy Schriver, also of Armitage International.

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