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Kim Jong-un

58 - Kim Jong-un
Supreme Leader, Democratic People's Republic of Korea
He may be young and dress like a cartoon villain, but there’s nothing funny about the third-generation dictator from a family that’s ruled North Korea brutally for seven decades. And like his dad and grandfather, Kim is brutal. He’s willing to starve his people to underwrite his nuclear and rocket programs and even willing to crack down on his own family, recently arresting and killing his uncle, a prominent general. Having the bomb and working diligently on the means to deliver it, combined with a penchant for attacking South Korean ships and towns and other outlandish antics, make for a very destabilizing force. War on the Korean Peninsula has driven Pentagon planning and weapons procurement for decades, and why some 30,000 American troops remain stationed in the country. Pyongyang’s unpredictability is one major reason Washington can’t ever get a good night’s sleep. 

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