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Robert Papp

56 - Coast Guard Adm. Robert Papp
2012 Rank: 46

Coast Guard Commandant
The Coast Guard has a tough time advocating for funding in the best of times, much less when government spending is plunging. And no one wields greater authority over a force larger than most of the world’s front-line navies than Papp. On the job nearly four years, he’s been focused on protecting the service’s core modernization programs. Papp has skillfully walked the tightrope of service advocacy without publicly showing up his Department of Homeland Security superiors, getting Congress to restore funding for the last two of eight national security cutters originally zeroed by the DHS. Although the Coast Guard constitutes DHS’ largest single component with the widest array of missions, roles and responsibilities, the department’s leadership has cut the service’s modernization budget to the bone, about $1 billion a year — half of what’s needed to refresh aging gear much less acquire the new icebreakers needed to ensure access to Arctic regions made accessible by climate change.

Coast Guard Homeland Security Policy