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Gordon Sullivan

76 - Gordon Sullivan
2012 Rank: 71

President & CEO, Association of the United States Army
Call him the chairman of the board of the United States Army. There isn’t any such job, but if there were, it would be Sullivan’s. More than 17 years after he retired as chief of staff of the Army, Sullivan, now 75, uses his position as chief of America’s biggest professional military booster organization to fight for his beloved service and against threats, such as Air-Sea Battle, which he sees as a blatant grab by the Navy and Air Force for resources the Army earned over the past 12 years of war. He has also led the fight against sequestration, which is set to take a large bite out of Army programs. Due to the drawdown in defense spending and the reluctance of some contractors to spend tens of thousands of dollars on big, shiny display booths at the two big AUSA shows each year, Sullivan’s staff has also started to livestream panel discussions on the Web during the shows to ensure that the Army’s message is heard loud and clear. As Army chief, he led the service through the post-Desert Storm drawdown and transition from a Cold War construct, then transformed the sleepy Association of the United States Army during his 14 years as president into a vibrant advocate for Army programs, soldiers and their families. AUSA links the Army and its industrial base, pushing for programs and requirements that would keep the soldiers of tomorrow the dominant land force in the world. When the Army wants to sell a program, Sullivan and AUSA are almost always part of the plan. 

Army Policy Industry