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Richard Danzig

75 - Richard Danzig
2012 Rank: 44

Chairman, Center for a New American Security
Democrat, lawyer, Rhodes Scholar and former Navy secretary, Richard Danzig remains one of Washington’s most influential and thoughtful defense leaders who works quietly in the background. A member of the Defense Policy Board, he regularly advises top leaders in geostrategy, technology or simply how to get things done, a skill he honed for three years as the Navy’s No. 2 civilian before taking the top job. It was Danzig who lent national security credibility to then-Sen. Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, although he didn’t get either of the jobs many expected him to get: defense secretary or national security adviser. Danzig campaigned for Obama in 2012, remaining a loyal adviser and public advocate. Always diplomatic but sometimes blunt, his forte is cutting to the core of tough problems with often innovative solutions. As chairman of the Center for a New American Security, he recruited former Navy Undersecretary Robert Work (No. 34) as its new CEO. 

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