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Michael Hayden

59 - Michael Hayden
2012 Rank: 62

Former Director, NSA and CIA
Former director of both the National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency, Hayden, already an important thinker on cyber issues, has been in the spotlight as the US grapples with how it wants to handle surveillance capabilities. For years Hayden, now with the Chertoff Group, has argued that more information about capabilities and programs needed to be disclosed to the public, pushing for greater debate. That debate has arrived, with the former intelligence official arguing for an intelligent balance of privacy and security. The retired Air Force general is not only insightful but has a singular ability to explain highly complex, often highly classified concepts clearly to the public. The son of a welder, Hayden once was the equipment manager for his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers. He went on to establish a sterling leadership pedigree that opens doors and carries weight with lawmakers and military brass.

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