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Andrew Krepinevich

69 - Andrew Krepinevich
2012 Rank: 41

President, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments
Krepinevich’s Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments continues to stand apart as one of Washington’s top think tanks, focused on strategy and signature budget analysis shaped by his mentor Andy Marshall’s (No. 14) net assessment principles. At a time when the Pentagon is struggling to redefine its future and facing a broad array of emerging threats, Krepinevich’s advice is in demand, issuing a series of new approaches to air, land and sea power, as well as how the Pentagon should counter emerging anti-access/area-denial threats from Iran to China, as well as the dangers posed to US forces in the future from the proliferation of unmanned and precision technologies. In a novel move, CSBA’s director of studies, Jim Thomas, persuaded fellow think tanks the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the American Enterprise Institute and the Center for a New American Security to work together to map how best the Pentagon should cut spending. And like Marshall, Krepinevich has recruited a string of top talent that has returned to the Pentagon with distinction, including Michael Vickers (No. 8), Robert Work (No. 34) and Steve Kosiak (No. 15) as well as Bob Martinage (Navy), and Tom Ehrhard in OSD policy.

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