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Jonathan Greenert

29 - Navy Adm. Jonathan Greenert
2012 Rank: 11

Chief of Naval Operations
Greenert has led his compatriots on the Joint Chiefs of Staff all year in warning of the negative effects of sequestration, continuing resolutions and uncertain funding. The Navy produced numerous presentations — some made available publicly, some leaked to congressional supporters or the press — that showed in great detail the pernicious effects of budget uncertainty. It was the Navy that said sequestration would force it to leave ships pierside, and Greenert took advantage of the fiscal crisis to withdraw one of two carriers deployed in the Arabian Gulf — a requirement that had been straining the force. A razor-sharp submariner with an affable demeanor, Greenert has worked the Hill more than his fellow service chiefs, on a mission to avert sequestration but also make the case to protect the Navy as much as possible from impending cuts. And he has been effective: A year ago many in Washington would tell you the Asia pivot was about sea and air power, but today you hear more about the Navy than the Air Force.

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