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Frank Hoffman

92 - Frank Hoffman
2012 Rank: 88

Director, National Defense University Press
As strategists are working to figure out the future of post-war US forces, Hoffman is actively engaged in debates about the future of American ground and maritime strategies. A retired Marine Corps infantry officer, he served for nearly a decade in the Corps’ Warfighting Lab and long urged the Marines to abandon their long-standing “forced entry” emphasis on amphibious landings against heavily defended enemies that drives costly weapons requirements, including amphibious fighting vehicles that can zip through the water. Instead, he contends the Marines can retain the ability to conduct littoral operations and focus on crisis response missions, which would allow the Corps to buy fighting vehicles more optimized for ground combat ashore and in urban fights rather than risky and costly hybrids. Hoffman developed the concept of hybrid warfare, in which an adversary simultaneously uses conventional capabilities, irregular tactics, large-scale terrorism and criminal actions to gain its objectives. A voracious reader, Hoffman also is a prolific writer and coveted speaker and increasingly a popular blogger. He’s contributed to each quadrennial defense review since 1993, numerous Defense Science Boards and commissions, and staffed the Hart-Rudman Commission that recommended the creation of a Homeland Security Department.

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