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Mike Rogers

44 - Navy Vice Adm. Mike Rogers
Commander, US Fleet Cyber Command
To better manage, defend and exploit the electromagnetic spectrum, US Fleet Cyber Command made a priority of merging electronic warfare and cyber operations. Rogers got the job in 2011 and got a boost when Adm. Jonathan Greenert (No. 29) became CNO, a leading advocate of Navy efforts to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum as a key element of future war fighting. A cryptologist — a career field that historically has attracted some of the Navy’s sharpest minds — he’s held top intelligence and information operations jobs in both the Atlantic and Pacific, as well as on the Joint Staff where he led computer network attack and defense and directed the Chairman’s Action Group and led the Joint Strategic Working Group. Rogers is widely considered a leading candidate to succeed Gen. Keith Alexander (No. 9) as head of US Cyber Command. While it appears that prior efforts to elevate CYBERCOM to a unified command have been put on hold, the post is becoming one of the most powerful and critical to military operations around the world.

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