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Robert Hale

13 - Robert Hale
2012 Rank: 12

DoD comptroller
In a Washington where money equates to power, and the money is declining, the man controlling the biggest discretionary account in government is important. Hale has been the Obama administration’s defense budget chief since the start, a role the former Navy captain has been preparing for his whole career. He was the chief of the American Society of Military Comptrollers before reporting to the Pentagon. Well-respected and with a reputation for candor, Hale mapped how the Pentagon would implement sequestration, absorbing brutal cuts that furloughed workers and temporarily halted air, land and sea training. The cold-turkey approach to spending helped DoD save more money than it expected, but its performance under sequester convinced some that automatic defense cuts had no impact. Then he had to worry about a government shutdown. Hale’s brutal work ethic — he works 18-hour days, 6.5 days a week — has some wondering when he will make good on his threat to retire.

Money Policy